JULY 27, 2017

To build and increase a Facebook following for your business, it's best to create a Facebook Business Page instead of using the personal page option.

AUGUST 02, 2017

Pubic Relations (PR) isn't just for corporations/businesses, everyone should be concerned about their image.

AUGUST 10, 2017

One's in-person image should match up to one's on-line image! You don't want people to be excited to meet you/use your services based on your online presence, but they are disappointed when they meet you/utilize your services.

AUGUST 17, 2017

Don't 'like' your own posts on your social media pages. It's assumed you like it since you posted it.

AUGUST 24, 2017

It's best to not have a social media page if you are not going to make posts on a regular basis. Having a non-active page is just as bad as having no page at all. 
Posts should be done at a minimum of 2-3 times a week.


Don't share content on social media without saying something about it. Always include at least an introductory line about what you are posting to capture your network's attention.


Don't use the same photo as a profile image for your personal and business Facebook pages. 
On social media, you always have to keep your audience in mind. Having a unique photo helps your audience connect to your business page with greater ease.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2017

Before sharing a news article on social media, take the time to open the link. Make sure the date of the information is not outdated and is still relevant.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2017

Business Facebook pages should be a ready reference for your followers to quickly access key information (events, contact information, etc.) on your business.

OCTOBER 5, 2017

Stay true to your business mission! Don't mix other interests onto your business social media page(s). All your content should reflect your business interests.

OCTOBER 12, 2017

Create social media user names that make it easy for others to find you. 
Some names may be catchy, but they may limit your ability to expand your network.

OCTOBER 19, 2017

Respond to your LinkedIn messages ASAP! Good relations is key to professional networking. Delayed responses can negatively impact your brand and lead to missed opportunities.

OCTOBER 26, 2017

If you use your social media page(s) for the dual purposes of personal and business, be sure the nature of your personal content does not jeopardize your business.

NOVEMBER 2, 2017

A dynamic LinkedIn profile is more valuable than a resume. Give yourself an advantage over other applicants by applying for jobs online via your LinkedIn profile!

NOVEMBER 9, 2017

Don't wait until you need a job to be active on LinkedIn. You get the most benefit from the platform when you consistently use it. Constantly grow and engage with your network to get the results you want.

NOVEMBER 16, 2017

LinkedIn is a professional platform. It only works to your advantage if you are social. Your posts shouldn't be what you would put on other social media sites, but you have to be active and network. Quality content will help brand you as a subject matter expert.

NOVEMBER 29, 2017

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a never ending story about you professionally. You should never consider it done. It's important to update your profile on a regular basis and review it for needed edits.

DECEMBER 7, 2017

Opting for the generic voicemail greeting instead of creating a personalized one reflects poorly on your brand.

DECEMBER 14, 2017

Keep your word! If you say you're going to do something, do it!

Your word is not only your bond, it's also the foundation of your brand! 

DECEMBER 21, 2017

Who you associate with is a part of your brand. Guard your circle to protect your brand!

DECEMBER 28, 2017

Google yourself on a regular basis to keep track of what is online about you. Your internet footprint is just as important to your brand as your social media personality is.

JANUARY 4, 2018

Practicing common courtesies on LinkedIn can help you grow your network and develop professional/business opportunities. Be sure to like comments that people make on your posts and respond ASAP to their comments.

JANUARY 11, 2018

To increase your engagement on Twitter, pay attention to the Trending Topics. 

Use the hashtags to create your own posts on the topic and to engage with others. 

JANUARY 18, 2018

When creating logos, it's good to explore creative liberties. But keep in mind the logo should clearly illustrate what the company is about. If a person has to think hard to connect the logo with the purpose of the company, the meaning was sacrificed for creativity.

JANUARY 25, 2018

If you have business social media pages, be sure to check the analytics on a regular basis to understand what content resonates most with your audience.

FEBRUARY 1, 2018

Unless you are a celebrity or politician, posting a tweet without tagging someone and/or using a hashtag is like having a party and not inviting anyone.

FEBRUARY 8, 2018

Be mindful of the influence you have on social media. Always post accurate information. This includes your original content and links.

FEBRUARY 15, 2018

Entrepreneurs/business owners have to keep in mind the importance of your business card. It will either give a favorable or negative first impression of you. Your core contact information should be included. Missing or wrong information reflects poorly on your brand.

FEBRUARY 22, 2018

To increase your engagement on Twitter, pay attention to the trending topics. Use the hashtags to create your own posts about the topic. This will help you gain engagement. Be sure to start following those who engage with the posts.

MARCH 1, 2018

Checking the 'Who's viewed your profile' section should be a regular routine for LinkedIn users. Doing so provides you new people to send connection invites to. It also provides you a reason to re-connect with existing contacts.


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