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I can help!

Born out of a desire to provide accurate, timely and relevant news in a era in which many people get their news via social media on their smartphones or other devices, I provide real-time news soundbites on Twitter. These tweets generate a high number of impressions, thus expanding the conversations and helping to increase the number of viewers/listeners.

This is also an effective way to increase online exposure for political and business events. 

Clarene has a great ear for pulling out quotes that will resonate with a mass audience. She accurately captures and pushes out quotes others would hear, but not be able to readily recite. This distinctive method of Sound-bite Journalism is of value because it extends the conversations beyond the limited moments when the quote is uttered. What would otherwise be a brief life-span, the quote is, instead, given a prolonged shelf-life. The Twitter engagement can last for days, weeks or even months. The appropriate use of hashtags generate more engagement as well.

“When the person I quote retweets my soundbites, it confirms I’m accurately recapping what they said,” Clarene explained. “As a journalist who thrives on facts and accuracy, their thumbs-up to my tweets is an endorsement of my skills.” 

So what could have been a brief appearance on a news show for a newsmaker makes them and their quote a hot topic on Twitter.

The social media method Clarene uses can be applied to radio shows, press conferences, political meetings and general events. She compares it to being a fly on the wall, providing an accurate, objective journalistic perspective that positively reflects what’s happening within the moment. This technique provides added value to events because it takes them beyond four walls and creates online energy.

These real-time soundbites is a TCM Communications service. We welcome an opportunity to help you tell your stories in this manner. Contact us today at tcmcommunicationsllc@gmail.com.


Denise Salamone, Account Executive - Milwaukee Business Journal 
Clarene helped us promote our Smart Reader Author Series (Jan. 9, 2018). She understands how to build momentum and coached us the give this event the "extra adrenaline shot" we were looking for. If you are looking to understand, implement and build momentum, Clarene is an outstanding coach.