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A Marathon Approach to LinkedIn Training

Since starting my businesses in 2017, I have trained 100's of people on how to effectively leverage #LinkedIn to generate results. I often say the process of being successful on the platform is by viewing it as a marathon versus a sprint. Getting on the platform on a limited basis just when you need results, is not a winnable strategy. When approached correctly, the returns you can get from LinkedIn are never ending. The platform offers a world of opportunity!

Key LinkedIn facts:

  • 600+ users!

  • Each connection made introduces you to an average of 400 new people and 100 companies.

  • 90 million senior-level influences.

  • #1 social media platform for professional content.

My mission is to help more people view and use LinkedIn differently. But I've come to realize that the mental transformation that is necessary to truly become a LinkedIn power player is a marathon as well. I generally only have people for a few hours either in one-on-one coaching sessions or group trainings. I've had some super stars who immediately implement the strategies I teach them and continue to Shine Online. But they are a small percentage of my students.

I approach my LinkedIn teaching from a branding perspective. My degree is in communications. Prior to beginning my entrepreneurial journey, I had 20+ years of print journalism and public relations experience. I do teach the fundamentals, mechanics of LinkedIn. But knowing the technical aspects of the platform isn't enough. You also have to understand the process of telling your story to advance your brand.

I'm excited to launch my marathon approach to teaching LinkedIn. I've created my Academy based on all the training topics I provide for my corporate clients and topics I address in my Shine Online with LinkedIn book. My thought is that after individuals invest their time and finances to my eight-week program, they will continue to effectively use the platform on a long-term basis.

Let me share a few details about my Academy.

  • Module One: Be Your Biggest Fan! - The starting point for generating results from LinkedIn is first knowing and owning your brand so that you are able to boldly and consistently personify it on LinkedIn.

  • Module Two: Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile - Unlike with other social media platforms, there is a process with EVERYTHING you do on LinkedIn if you want to generate results. Having a fully optimizing LinkedIn profile is key! People can freely look at your LinkedIn profile at any given time. Even while you are sleeping. If people look at a profile that is undeveloped, missing key information, they form a negative impression about you. Instead of them wanting to learn more about you and/or connect with you, they move on to the next profile.

  • Module Three: Strategically Expanding Your Network - The process of building and expanding your LinkedIn network should NOT be a numbers game. Instead it should be about building authentic relationships. There is a strategic way to expand you network so you build an engaging community.

  • Module Four: Creating Compelling Content - LinkedIn is a social media platform, not a website. Consistent content is how you come up on newsfeed and people start to recognize you as a subject matter expert. No content, you are like book character Waldo.

  • Module Five: Creating Custom Social Media Graphics - Visually images capture our attention more so than just words. This is especially true on social media, including LinkedIn. It is easy to share a image that someone else has created, but that only helps to elevate their brands. When we create our own images, we advance our own brands and create a strong digital footprint. To see what I am talking about, Google #BrandingActivist and go to the Images tab.

  • Module Six: Publishing Articles On LinkedIn - Publishing articles on LinkedIn is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry. You don't have to be a journalist to publish articles on LinkedIn. Any and everyone can publish articles on LinkedIn. A few paragraphs about your area of expertise is all it takes. Because LinkedIn is a social media platform, it offers an advantage over blog posts, you can track the reactions, get comments and see detailed analytics. 

  • Module Seven: Exploring LinkedIn's Hidden Features - Even avid LinkedIn users are not aware of some of the hidden features on the platform. For instance, did you know you can send your LinkedIn connections voicemail and video messages via the app? Don't be basic, level-up by maximizing the features.

  • Module Eight: (Afternoon) LinkedIn Strategies for #JobSeekers - Unlike the popular employment websites, LinkedIn allows job seekers to have a competitive edge over other candidates through their use of a digital platform. By using LinkedIn effectively, you don't just load your career information, you also establish yourself as a subject matter expert. 

  • (Evening) LinkedIn Strategies for #Entrepreneurs - LinkedIn offers an array of options for Entrepreneurs to generate leads and grow their businesses. This session will focus on how you can leverage your personal profile and LinkedIn Company Page.

To get an idea of what it is like to be in my LinkedIn trainings, here's a few recommendations from clients:

"Clarene is magnetic, bright, and swift in helping people with LinkedIn online presence. I took her class, and coming from a pretty savvy social media background, I still learned a lot of important details. She is a great communicator and pure class to work with."
~Julia (Florida)

"WOW! A+++ I was enrolled in Clarene's Linkedin course and was blown away by her knowledge on how I could be better at optimizing Linkedin for my business. Since her course, my connections with like minded entrepreneurs and ideal clients has almost doubled. I am so grateful to her for her honestly, hands on approach and positive teaching style."
~Carrie (California)

If you are ready to level up your LinkedIn presence, contact me for a complimentary 30-minute session to get your custom LinkedIn Assessment and learn more about my Shine Online With LinkedIn Academy. Schedule your session today! Academy registration ends on June 19th.



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