• Clarene Mitchell

LinkedIn is NOT an upload and done platform

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"Think of your LinkedIn profile as a never ending story that you are always adding to and editing."

~ Clarene Mitchell

One of the aspects about LinkedIn that distinguishes it from job search sites like Indeed, Monster and others is the ability to not just post your resume, but to also showcase your expertise on an ongoing basis. This is a part of what makes LinkedIn fun! Yes, I said fun. Many people look at me with a 'Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?' (A reference to the Different Strokes show that aired from 1978-1986) face when I talk about how fun LinkedIn is for me. They doubt me, but all the while I know they would share my sentiment if they devoted themselves to using the platform on a consistent basis.

The process of adding one's work experience to their LinkedIn profile is just the beginning process of achieving success on LinkedIn. It is important that we review our profiles on a regular basis to see if there are any needed edits. Fresh eyes and clear minds allow us to catch typos or contextual modifications that need to be made.

The fun begins when we add multimedia items to our LinkedIn Summary (About) and Experience sections. Think of these as evidence of how you are a subject matter expert. When you add images, videos or news links that showcase your skills you then level up your profile. Far to few people utilize this feature.

The fun continues when you make posts on a consistent basis. Especially when others engage with your content, you expand your network and you generate results. This does not happen on the traditional employment sites. I'm just saying!

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