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A Case Study: Huggies'​ Special Delivery Diapers, An Example of Great Marketing & Social Med

There are countless brands that made epic marketing failures recently. They received 'Fs' when it comes to diversity and inclusion and an avalanche of social media backlash. Just in case you missed the ads or products, here's a few; the Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner that mocked the Black Lives Matter movement, H&M ads with a Black boy wearing a hoodie that said, "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle," Prada's 'blackface' key chains, etc. It is unfortunately that we closely approaching 2020, yet many companies are still clueless and sometimes blatantly disrespectful to people of color.

When companies do attempt to have culturally sensitive marketing, the ads are not always well received because they lack authenticity. This is why is was very refreshing to see Huggies who is owed by Kimberly-Clark, packaging for their Special Delivery diapers. They have different versions of the packaging, but the one with the Black father and infant is worth applauding. I first noticed a photo of the packaging circulating on Facebook a few days ago. As seen in one of the screenshots below, the Black man (Terrance Moore) who made the post had positive things to say about it.

It is clear that this culturally respectful marketing is resonating with the targeted demographic. Search #huggies on Twitter and you see posts giving love to the brand. Here's a sample,​

(Image Source:

What stands out to me right away is the loving connection between the father and son. Perhaps they are random actors who are not related. If so, the casting was perfect! The father looks like he is in love with the baby and the baby is happily in love with dad as well. This reminds me of the Black father, comedian DJ Pryor, who was recently a social media sensation for the video of him and his babbling toddler having a deep conversation about a TV show. It was great to see them featured in Denny's Father's Day commercial!

I hope to see more of these kind of positive images of people of color, especially Black men, instead of the negative ones. Hopefully other brands will follow the example that Denny's and Kimberly-Clark have provided.

In addition to Huggies scoring an A for this marketing they also score an A for great social media management. I made a post about the Special Delivery packing on a Facebook account that I manage early this morning, Huggies engaged with the post seemingly immediately. I also Twitted about it and they responded quickly as well.

Other companies can learn from this. Having a social media account is great, but doing so is just a first step in the social media process. Responding quickly to posts goes a long way in building trust and customer loyalty. It can even to generate new customers!

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