• Clarene Mitchell

Entrepreneurship is 24/7, 365...even on birthdays

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A conversation with my husband this morning about my upcoming birthday reminded me of how different my life is now that I am an entrepreneur. I was never a real big holiday person, some having more being to me than others. My birthday of course was one of the ones that had more meaning. But, as with the other holidays, my birthday is just another day now. You probably have a look on your face similar to how my husband looked when I told him I didn't want to do anything for my birthday.

No, I'm not an anti-holiday person. As an entrepreneur my focus is on growing my business 24/7, 365. This includes evenings, weekends and holidays. I have never worked harder, nor have I ever been more professionally satisfied. With this said, I'm looking forward to celebrating all of the special occasions I missed in grand fashion once my business gets to the point at which I can afford to step back and relax just a little bit. Until then, I will keep hustling!

Talking with a fellow entrepreneur yesterday was like hearing myself talk. She had been at her office the day before until 11 pm and was up early and back at the office that next more for another full day. But, just like me, she loves what she is doing.

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