• Clarene Mitchell

What's your digital footprint?

TCM Branding Quick Read

Have you ever Googled yourself? If not, this is a habit you should adopt starting TODAY!

A key part of owning your brand is knowing what is out there about you. It is not simply just knowing what is on your social media pages, but also what is on the internet in general about you.

I'm constantly surprised when I Google clients and show them information about themselves that they had never seen before or totally forgot about. Keep in mind, others could be Googling you and seeing the information, so it is a good practice for you to always know what others are seeing as well. The information can also be used to help you Shine Online with you LinkedIn profile.

If there are not listings about you when you Google yourself, that creates more reason for you to Own Your Brand so that you can start creating that digital footprint. Strategically using social media platforms like LinkedIn can help you generate Google entries.

Google loves LinkedIn! One of the key benefits of having an quality LinkedIn account is your LinkedIn account is the first entry in Google searches.

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