• Clarene Mitchell

Social media ads are great, but...

TCM Branding Quick Read

Social media success for businesses is dependent upon marketers establishing a solid base of followers comprised of their target market(s). Once this is done, the business must provide quality and consistent content to establish trust and maintain the relationships. The quality relationship is what leads to the followers becoming customers/clients when they need the products/services that you offer.

A mistake some businesses make on social media is their usage of ads without having consistent content on their pages. Yes, ads can be purchased on many of the platforms relatively inexpensively and allow you to reach a large number of people. But core audiences should not be neglected for the sake of ads to reach new people. You can run ad campaigns and your followers may never see them because of how the algorithms go. In the meantime your page followers may lose interest if you do not post consistent content. Their apathy regarding your page could prompt them to unfollow you and possibly go to your competition instead.

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