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5 Strategies to Shine Online with LinkedIn

It can not be disputed, LinkedIn is the preferred social media platform for business purposes. Yes, the platform can be a great resource for job seekers and recruiters, but it is so much more! If you are still trying to wrap your mind around this statement, perhaps this quote will help,

"LinkedIn is not just a place to find your dream job, but a way to be better at the job you already have."

Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

When the platform is used correctly, it is where professional and business brands are established and advanced to the next level. The platform allows for strategic networking that traditional networking methods don't come close to.

Although LinkedIn is well established now, many are still hesitant to use it. They may be believers of the platforms benefits, but don't know how to begin the process of effectively using it. What one would post on LinkedIn is, at least it should be, very different than what one would post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms. So some may fear they will cross a line that may work against them.

Yes, we should all critically think about our LinkedIn content before we post it to ensure it meets the criteria for the site. But we should not overthink the process so much so that we paralyze ourselves mentally and end up not having a dynamic online presence. The process of being on LinkedIn doesn't have to be an Herculean effort.

If you need a virtual hand-holding to get started, here's some baseline strategies:

1. Use a content calendar to stay consistent with your posts!

Don't let the phrase, 'Out of sight, out of mind' apply to you when it comes to your LinkedIn presence. Having a content calendar will help you hold yourself accountable. Plot out your schedule on a weekly or monthly basis and keep to it.

2. Post compelling images and provide a tip!

Creating originally content for LinkedIn can be as easy as posting a royalty free graphic and saying something about it.

Again, don't overthink your content. You will be amazed by the level of engagement you can generate with simple, yet appealing graphics.

3. Post and talk about a current news article that aligns with your brand!

As seen by this graphic, you can post a news article and provide a few lines that speak to why the article caught your interests. Be sure the article ties into what you are a subject matter expert on. Make sure the article is from a credible source and the publish date is within 5-7 days of your post.

4. Post videos of yourself giving tips!

Videos are HOT on LinkedIn! Just as graphics stop users as they are scrolling their newsfeed, videos demand attention. This is a way for people to hear from you directly and get to know you at a higher level. People connect with people! Posting videos allows others to see who the person is behind the name and profile. They are able to get a real sense of your personality.

Again, don't overthink the process. The video should be short, under 1-2 minutes ideally, and you should focus on something that you know so well that you can freely talk about it.

5. Get your LinkedIn Social Selling Index

Before you implement the above strategies, I encourage you to get your LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). This is a great tool to show you how effectively you are using the platform. The goal is to have your Industry and Network scores (top right numbers on this graphic) be less than 5% and your overall score (number in the circle) be as high as possible. Once you have consistently implemented the strategies, get your LinkedIn SSI again so you can see the progress you have made.

If you have been struggling to be an active LinkedIn user, I hope these strategies will provide you the steps needed to get your process started. Believe me, once you consistently use the platform the process will become effortless. Feel free to tag me in your posts, I will gladly engage with your content. These are just a few pieces to the puzzle of using LinkedIn with ease. The key is getting started.

Now go forth and #ShineOnline!

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