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#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is the secret sauce to @TCMComms Twitter page

I recently received a notification from Twitter in celebration of the first anniversary of the TCM Communications Twitter page, @TCMComms. As the owner of a start-up business that focuses on helping others shine online, it was important for me to establish the account soon after I started my business. Reaching the first year with the page gave me the opportunity to pause and reflect on the effectiveness it has on my brand.

Some see social media as a numbers game. Whether, it is Twitter, Instagram, YouTube or even LinkedIn, it seems quality content is being sacrificed for high numbers of views, likes or followers. Going viral is the goal without there being a long term strategy for impact and success. In the process of reviewing @TCMComms, I was pleased that my goal of gaining followers based on quality content is being achieved.

With having a communications business, of course my content is primarily focused on branding and social media. I have been less concerned about having posts that generate tons of engagement or gaining a massive following. But it was gratifying to have reached 1K followers just before I hit my one year mark. This is especially significant because I didn't buy the followers or use some automated system to generate followers. I instead used quality content and engaged with those engaged with my page. Perhaps 1K followers may not seem like a lot to some, but if you really use Twitter you know how hard it is to naturally grow your network. I have seen some Twitter business, and personal pages that were created several years ago yet they have minimal followers and engagement.

In addition to staying true to my commitment to quality content, #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha has definitely been the secret sauce to help build my network of followers. Hashtags in general help to give your content more traffic on social media, but the #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is a powerhouse hashtag. It belongs to @Marsha Wright. According to her LinkedIn summary, Wright is a world-renowned TV Business Expert, International #1 Bestselling Author, Serial-Entrepreneur, Syndicated Columnist and Strategic Alliances Expert whose exploits include an ownership interests of various business portfolios spread globally in numerous industries. Her enterprises serve clients in no less than 20 countries. On Twitter she has close to 600K followers and to-date she has over 1.52M tweets.

Here's a description of her hashtag social media movement per her website,

#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is an exceptionally popular inspiring and uplifting hashtag that started on Twitter late November 2014. Within 12 weeks it had garnered over 107,000 shares and boasted over 4000 participants every week sharing, retweeting and Favoriting on the hashtag.

By March 8, 2015, the hashtag celebrated over 25,000 weekly shares.

#ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha is an exceptionally popular inspiring and uplifting hashtag that started on Twitter late November 2014. Within 12 weeks it had garnered over 107,000 shares and boasted over 4000 participants every week sharing, retweeting and Favoriting on the hashtag.

By March 8, 2015, the hashtag celebrated over 25,000 weekly shares.

Hopefully now you understand why it is a Twitter movement. It has also been described as the most inspiring place on Twitter. The reach of the movement is worldwide. The greatest percentage of the participants are in the United States, but there are also devoted participants from Africa, Europe and Asia. It trends weekly during its 36-hour weekend slot running from 12 midnight Singapore time (US Saturday), through to 12 midnight Pacific Sunday Night.

I'm not sure exactly when I became aware of Wright's hashtag, but I'm so glad I did. I, and undoubtedly countless others, consider it the secret sauce because she retweets posts that include her hashtag on Sundays. The process on Sundays is truly amazing to see. Wright has successfully created a Twitter movement that not only further strengthens her brands, but it also helps the participants build their brands. This is especially a great resource for entrepreneurs and startup businesses.

Here's how the #ThinkeBIGSundayWithMarsha process works; Wright requests that participants tweet motivational quotes or images and include her hashtag, she in turn retweets the vast majority of those posts. This means that your tweet can be seen by her massive network and others who are using the hashtag. The virtual community of like minded people then engage with each other's tweets and start following the pages that have content that is of interest to them.

I know for a fact that my page would not have the quality network of followers that I have if it had not been for Wright's hashtag movement. The process is slow, but quality content and consistency is the winning combination for social media success. The outcomes have been phenomenal! From week to week, there are some people who consistently engage in my content and vice versa. I gain new followers each week and I add to those whom I follow as well.

Of course, not everyone approaches the process the same. For me, I have a theme each Sunday and all of the tweets I use Wright's hashtag for are about that theme. My themes always have something to do with success, leadership and entrepreneurship, etc. Sometimes I may mix in some branding related content.

Additionally, I don't just do a few tweets. She encourages frequency, so I generally create a schedule of my tweets that I will post throughout the day as well. After all, you can't do it once per Sunday and then sit back and think the increase in followers and engagement will magically happen.

If you decide to use #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha, it is important for you to be mindful of her rules. Admittedly, I have inadvertently violated her rules a few times. This meant she did not retweet my tweet and I instead received a tweet reminding me of the rules. I believe my violations were due to one of my tweets included a reference to God and another tweet had a image that included the name of my business. Because her network is so broad, her rules include no religious post. She also bans any content that could be viewed as a promotion of your business.

Wright provides a nice graphic that provides the do's and don'ts for the hashtag:

If you are not convinced about the power of this special hashtag, just do a simple Google search on it, go to images and you will see that wealth of inspirational posts that are linked to it. Or better yet, put the hashtag in the search feature on Twitter and see what you get.

Lastly, since numbers are a sign of success to some on social media, check out these numbers:

Thanks to the @SumAll reports that I receive, the data clearly shows the impact of my participation in #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha. I intentionally set-up my reports to for Mondays so that it includes the Sunday activity. As you can see from that posted on my Twitter business page on Monday, my retweet reach was 9.55M! That would not have happened without Wright's powerful hashtag. You can also see that I gained 19 new followers!

In addition to my Sunday participation with #ThinkBIGSundayWithMarsha, I still have my content calendar and posts branding and social media related content throughout the week. If you decide to try the hashtag out, I hope you find everything I have said about it to be true. Be sure to tag me in your posts so I can support you as well.

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