• Clarene Mitchell

LinkedIn's Kudos Feature = A New Way to Engage!

If you are not using LinkedIn's 'Kudos' feature, you are missing out on a simple way to engage with your network.

LinkedIn launched the 'Kudos' feature in June. If you are like me, you discover new LinkedIn features when you notice a new icon while you are trying to post some content and/or see a connection doing something unique. The process of me finding out about the 'Kudos' feature was by me seeing the ribbon icon when I was starting a new post. I'm a very curious person, so of course I selected the icon to test the feature out.

We all know social media content that includes visuals generate more engagement. So LinkedIn providing templates for us to give shout-outs to our connections makes the process easier. As stated by Hermes Alvarez in a LinkedIn blog:

"With LinkedIn Kudos, you now have a fun and easy way to share your appreciation for people in your professional community. It’s now easier than ever to celebrate every success - big and small - directly on LinkedIn."

I have used the feature a few times, including this morning. I find the process to be very user-friendly. Although, you can only access it via your smartphone for now. LinkedIn is planning to roll out the feature for desktops soon.

As I stated, the 'Kudos' process is very user-friendly. You are guided through the following steps:

  • Select blue button on lower right to make a new post.

  • Of the icons on the bottom, select the ribbon one.

  • Select the person(s) you one to receive the kudos.

  • Select the type of kudos you want the person(s) to receive.

  • Post the template option you are given or customize it.

Currently, the 'Kudos' feature offers the following options:

As you can see, the graphics that LinkedIn offers for the 'Kudos' feature are visually appealing. If someone tagged you with one of the above shout-outs, wouldn't it get your attention? When I have used the feature, the person(s) always engages with the post in a positive way. Keep in mind, because you tag that contact, your post is seen by their network as well. As with your other post, you are able to track your analytics to see how much engagement you generate. Using the feature can also be a great introductory post for someone you would like to add to your network.

Keep in mind, to gain benefits from being on LinkedIn, you have to engage! The more you take advantage of the various tools LinkedIn provides, the better. The 'Kudos' feature provides you another opportunity to engage. After-all, who doesn't appreciate a well-intended shout-out? It's a great way to give others a boots. You never know, you just may be the recipient of a kudos one day as well.

Some have said the LinkedIn 'Kudos' feature is making the platform look more like Facebook or other social platforms. Sure, I would agree with this if people used the feature inappropriately. But LinkedIn is supposed to be the premiere professional platform, so it makes sense to have a way to acknowledge business achievements in way that is visually appealing and that goes beyond just recommendations and endorsements.

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