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Handy tips to help businesses shine online with Facebook Live

Of all of the features Facebook offers, it is without question the Facebook Live feature is the most popular. Whether you are using it to broadcast a special occasion so distant relatives can see it, an organization having an event or the media on the scene of breaking news, Facebook Live has given many the ability to create real time videos.

Although some may use Facebook Live for personal purposes or even just for fun, the option is a great tool for entrepreneurs and business owners to advance their brand.

Perhaps you’ve never gone Live. Perhaps you’ve used Facebook Live with less than optimal numbers of views. Perhaps you have been turned off with the feature based on how others misuse it. These tips will help you gain a greater understanding of the feature and insights on how to utilize it more.

1. Before going Live, always ask yourself... ‘Is what I’m going to say or do worth doing a video on?’ If you want people to watch the video, it has to be about something that will draw viewers. Think about your network, and really determine if it would be worth devoting their time to viewing it.

2. Have a specific topic you want to address. Give thought to it an advance. Create talking points for yourself so that you stay on topic. Make sure your topics connect to your business. Remember, it’s all about establishing yourself as subject matter experts. If you randomly go Live about topics outside of your lane of expertise, you will be perceived as a ‘jack of all trades’ instead of a master of one.

3. Rehearse what you’re going to say. Hearing yourself will help you catch potential errors and give you a better indication of what you can eliminate or add.

4. Think of the environment like the set of a news broadcast. When possible, your surroundings should be consistent…i.e. the same room, same props, same lightening, etc.

5. Keep the video to a short time frame, perhaps 15 minutes max. Remember, we are in the digital era. People tend to have short attention spans.

6. Keep the brand of your business in mind. Don’t forget to strategically place branding items as background pieces, like props. If you have a sign with your logo on it, have it displayed behind you. If you’ve received awards, show them off! Promote your business without overselling.

7. Be sure to fully introduce yourself at the beginning at the video. You can’t assume the video is being seen by your network and they all know you. The great thing about social media is your posts can be widely seen and shared by others. Giving your elevator speech at the beginning and end is a good practice. Don’t forget to provide your contact information.

8. Dress and act to impress! Again, you never know who will see the video. You want to make sure how you look and what say reflects positively on your brand.

9. Be energetic and relaxed! Remember to smile, be engaging and appropriately add humor to draw your audience in.

10. Don’t over use Facebook Live – Just like the proverbial tale of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, if you overuse the feature, your network may not tune in for the videos you really want them to see. It is good practice to reserve your video time based on a content calendar. Otherwise, overly frequent and random videos will become like spam to your network and the repeated notifications will be just noise to them. Keep in mind, the notifications can be viewed as an interruption to someone. If they are receiving a high number of notifications from you, they may start ignoring them and never view your video. Avoid the overkill!

As entrepreneurs and business owners, your overall goal in going Live is to get your network to utilize your services or products. Think of the videos as your marketing and customer service tool. If the videos do not build your business, you should reevaluate what you are doing.

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