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Businesses hurt their brands when they use the wrong Facebook page option

In this highly digital era we live in, traditional marketing standards are not enough to drive business brands. It behooves them to effectively use social media to advance their business interests. When used right, social media can help generate new customers, consistently engage with them as a form of customer service, foster brand loyalty and generate revenue.

Facebook is an ideal platform for businesses to utilize. Unfortunately, far too many businesses either don't have an account, or have a page that is not set up correctly and/or they are not actively using their pages. If you are a business owner and any of these points ring true for you, now is the time to take control. Get in the social media game and become a pro at using Facebook to give you the edge over your competition.

Let's begin with the basics. Businesses should never use the automatic option that Facebook gives for creating new accounts. Keep in mind Facebook started as a platform for personal use. Businesses reveal how much of a novice they are with Facebook when they use this option. One can quickly spot this because the layout structure between a Facebook personal and business account is different. Here are some key steps:

1. Select Create Page instead of Create Account. The page option is the automatic choice for politicians, celebrities, bands or businesses. The kind of businesses are for-profits and non-profits, in addition to churches.

2. Select the correct option for your page.

  • Local Business or Place

  • Company, Organization, or Institution

  • Brand or Product

  • Artist, Band, or Public Figure

  • Entertainment

  • Cause or Community

Once you select the appropriate option, you will be asked to log in and then input some key information.

3. Continue to input key information such as profile graphic descriptions for all of the sections.

As businesses familiarize themselves with the Facebook page option, they will discover all the great options the platform provides. You are able to have a countless number of followers, you have greater control settings than with a personal account, you can run promotional ads for reasonable costs, etc.

After the page has been properly setup, businesses have to keep in mind if they don't actively use the page they will not receive desired outcomes. Either have someone internally who has social media skills (on a professional level, not just using social media personally), and dedicated responsibilities to manage the page. If this is not possible, contract with a social media consultant to manage the page. At a bare minimum, posts should be made 2-5 times a week. You should always keep in mind your target population with your posts, so be sure to post quality information they will find of interest, versus self-promotion posts. There is the 80/20 rule to follow with posts. Eighty percent of your posts should be information pertaining to your industry, and only 20% should be posts that are sales-relevant in nature. Be sure to mix the informational content up with graphics and videos.

Don't miss out on all the Facebook offers for business. Use the platform to drive your business forward.

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