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Don't make rookie mistakes with your Facebook business page

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It is without question that Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms. According to Statista, there were 2.07 billion monthly active users world wide as of the third quarter of 2017. While many may be using the platform for personal use, businesses are also using Facebook to advance their business interests.

If used effectively, Facebook can advance the brands of businesses, generate leads, provide customer service and drive traffic to websites or brick and mortar businesses. The ultimate outcome of all of this is to generate revenue. This can only happen when businesses approach Facebook from a business mindset.

Here are some rookie mistakes businesses make on Facebook:

1) Using the personal page option instead of the business page option.

This is the biggest rookie mistake some businesses make, especially entrepreneurs.

2) Not maximizing the profile and cover photo options

The business logo would be ideal for the profile. Think of the cover option as your billboard. Use it to showcase promotions you may have.

3) Not having full contact information

This is an easy way to loose a lead and have them go to your competition. Be sure to include all of your contact information so potential customers can readily contact you.

4) Incomplete 'about' and 'services' sections

Keep in mind the public may be learning about you for the first time via your business Facebook page, so be sure to provide detailed information about your business and the services you offer.

5) Hours of operation not listed or honored

Be sure to have the days of the week you are open and hours available. It is also very important to honor the times you have posted.

Although Facebook recently made algorithm changes that impact the amount of sales related information users see on their news feeds, it is still beneficial for businesses to have pages. In this digital era that we are in, many consumers use Facebook as an option to research companies. Not having a Facebook business page will give a bad impression on your brand. I hope the above points help you make sure your business page has the core structural elements.

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