• Clarene Mitchell

Handy social media housecleaning tips to get your new year off to a good start

If you are in an area of the country that is experiencing extremely cold temperatures, undoubtedly it is hard for you to imagine thoughts regarding spring. Nevertheless, in a few short months from now spring will be here and many will be into the spring cleaning mode. Some will focus on purging their closets, while others may focus on cleaning their garages or basements. The spring cleaning ritual can serve as inspiration for a practice that can be applied to social media sites.

Before the year gets too fast and furious, now is a good time to devote to getting rid of items that could be unnecessarily cluttering your pages. Here’s a few tips!


  • Be sure you don’t have any pending invites. If you have some, respond to them ASAP (either accept or delete.

  • Go through your messages and delete the one’s you do not need to refer to again. If you need any for future reference, archive them.

  • Carefully go through your profile to see if you have any typos or other errors to correct.


  • Delete items out of messenger that you no longer need

  • Respond to any pending friend requests.

  • Update your profile and cover images to give your profile a fresh look


  • Go through your followers and make sure none of them conflict with your brand (i.e. nudity, profanity, extreme political views, etc.)

  • Delete messages you no longer need



  • Carefully scan landing pages for spelling errors and other corrections

  • If you are not updating the site frequently, do some meaningful updates

  • Consider switching up the design of your site to give it a new facelift

Cell Phones

  • Delete photos and videos or transfer them to a flash drive or file on your computer

  • Delete voicemails

  • Delete text messages

Computers (IPads, tablets, etc.)

  • Delete items from your Downloads library. Be sure to save them elsewhere if you need them

  • Clean desktop of clutter

  • Go through documents, pictures, and videos and trash items you no longer need

Hopefully these simple tips will have you fully ready to shine on line!

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