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The impact of hashtags on events and their lasting success

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In a recent blog and video chat about ‘soundbite journalism,’ TCM Communications’ managing partner, Clarene Mitchell, talked about her method of hearing and isolating particularly impactful quotes from guests on national news talk shows and tweeting them out.

Whenever Clarene is tweeting soundbites, she always includes hashtags within the posts. The hashtags often refer to the show the guest is on, the subject being addressed, a relevant person, issue or event.

Along with retweets, the hashtag is an invaluable tool in expanding the conversations within a limited window of time during the news shows. The quote then has an online footprint that furthers the issues and increases Twitter engagement for the person being quoted.

This technique of using hashtags on Twitter (and other social media platforms) is also an effective way to create online synergy for events that occur. The online engagement can be started before the event to grow participation or viewership. An example of this is the American Music Awards show that will air tonight. The hashtag (#AMA) has already been trending as people are predicting who the winners will be and recalling highlights from past shows, such as fashion hits or misses, and performances. The hashtag will continue during and after the show with people engaging all over the country and world. This is not unique to the AMA’s. We see this online party with all major awards shows, such as BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, Black Girls Rock, the Grammy’s, Oscar’s, MTV Music Awards, etc.

What will happen with #AMA can happen with any type of event. It just takes the involvement of skilled social media professionals to develop and execute a plan to have similar online energy. This takes the event from outside the limited confines of the four-walls it occurs in. Without such a focused digital outreach, the event will come and go, and will soon be forgotten.

Again, it takes skilled social media professionals to be a fly on the wall, offering objective observations, quotes, photos, and videos to time stamp the events online. The hashtag then become the connective string that links all other posts about the event. TCM does this skillfully with our news soundbites, some of which have generated up to 75K+ Impressions. We can also leverage this service for local social events.

We live in a social media driven society. It’s poor event management not to utilize the platforms to showcase events.

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