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10 Lazy Social Media Don’ts!

With the instantaneous aspects of social media, there is a tendency to get a little lax with our social media posts. Despite this, it is important to never do any of the following. Doing so reflects badly on your brand. Your lazy tendencies can cause others to think poorly of you and question your credibility. These tips apply mostly to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

1. Unnecessary hyperlinks – With most social media platforms, especially Facebook and LinkedIn, you can remove a hyperlink once the item (story or video) loads. Don’t be lazy and leave the hyperlink address on your post. Once the item loads, remove it!

2. Say something! – Never post an item without saying something about it. Why should anyone go to your link if you don’t provide any teaser information about why it was of interest to you?

3. Check dates & sources! – Always check dates and legitimacy of sources before posting articles. Never post outdated articles unless they have current relevancy. Make sure you are not spreading fake news.

4. Maximize cover image – Be sure to always maximize the cover image option by posting a unique photo or graphic that positively promotes your brand. Never go with the option the site gives you! This is especially important with LinkedIn. Never use the dreaded blue background. Once you load your image, be sure to position it correctly.

5. Provide key details – Be sure to have (at a minimum) key details about yourself or your business in the ‘about’ and ‘bio’ sections of the respective platforms. Not doing this may reduce the chances of someone connecting with you because you don’t provide enough core information for them to validate your connection request.

6. Be active! – Going weeks or months without any social media posts is like the kiss of death for your page. It makes you become irrelevant to your connections because you have no content for them to engage with. Social media pages that are not actively used should be closed. Otherwise, it hurts your brand. You are seen as someone who neglects your pages.

7. Appreciate your network! – Always take the time to acknowledge and respond to (as appropriate) individuals who engage with your posts.

8. An image speaks a thousand words! –Just posting text gets boring to your network. Although you may be saying something profound (lol), your network may scan right past your post if it’s just text. Visuals draw eyeballs to your post more and hooks people to read your text. So, mix it up! Use photos, memes, etc. to get your networks attention.

9. Spell check! – With some social media platforms, traditional punctuation rules are abandoned. But it is never a good idea to NOT spell check your content before posting. If the app you are using doesn’t include spellcheck, eyeball your text and read it out loud at least two or three times before you post it. Mistakes happen! Many platforms allow you to go back and edit content. Take advantage of this feature and edit as needed.

10. Engage! – Don’t be a social media troll. Social media is meant to be engaging and interactive. Engage! Don’t just read other people’s posts, look at their photos and videos, etc. Post original content, comment on and share post from your network.

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